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The Adventures of Kate

Kate E. Jamieson

This awesome website provides information about cycling, mountaineering, skiing and some water based activities such as sailing. If you are an adventure seeker, then bookmark this site and check for updates and events. Dare yourself and have fun exploring the outdoors.
The Armchair Mountaineer

Thomas Smallwood

This website provides practical advice and information about hiking and backpacking. Get a detailed view of some of the best mountains and read descriptions and mountain information. Choose the best gears by reading the reviews.
Here I Hike

Alex and Karina

Third Place
Pack your bags and enjoy hiking around Romania. Karina and Alex share the same passion for hiking. They met, fell in love and write about their hiking adventures for readers to see the many wonders in the mountains. Follow their blog and discover places and hiking trails.
Hill Walking for Over the 60's

Hill-Walking for The Over 60's

Check out onthehills.uk right now and get a load of some of the most useful contents about hiking that you could ask for. The author of the site is absolutely committed to going out and hiking exactly as they intend to and other reader can do the same thing. By reading the contents about hiking available on this site, they’ll be much better equipped to deal with the activity than they otherwise would be. Examples include “No Excuses,” “Buff – Knotted & Polar Fleece Hat,” and “Aquapure Traveller.” Be sure to check those out and many more of the site’s contents.
A mum blogger who loves the outdoor came up with this informative blog about exploring the outdoors around the Britain. If you are in search for tips and advice about hiking and camping, this blog is for you.
Hiking the Trail
HikingTheTrail provides information hiking tips, adventure gear reviews and similar news about the outdoor industry. This blog is all about the author’s love for the outdoors. Be informed and be inspired.
Nobody Hikes in LA

Nobody Hikes in LA

This is the online portal for hiking around South California. It contains guides for the mountains and the outdoors. Enjoy camping, hiking and other outdoor adventures. It is a great source for some green recreation.
London Hiker

Catherine Redfern

Check out UK’s spectacular walking locations. Check out beautiful areas and enjoy the wonders that London has to offer. One can never imagine that there are awesome walking areas around the country. Read all about it by following this blog.
Chelsea is here to inspire the public to go out and hike. She takes us to places that will take our breath away. Her love for the outdoor is reflected in her blog. Her passion is incomparable and will truly push anyone to love hiking.
Back o' Beyond

Max and Kim

This blog provides guides and tips, hiking trails and sites. This is a great resource for information on backpacking and hiking with gear reviews and meal recipes that are suited for that outdoor adventure.
Trish, Alex and Sage

Trish, Alex and Sage

This unique blog is authored by an amazing kid who loves to hike and discover what the outdoor has to offer. Alex travels with her family here and abroad and creates wonderful memories worth the keeps.
Chris takes us to the trails of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Experience hiking and enjoy the mountains with this blog. With this blog, a hike is always a great adventure.

Matt O'Brien

mypennines.co.uk provides trails for beginners and experts. Discover the joy of hill walking and explore the beauty of nature. Matt talks about his adventure in detail by writing notes during his walks and taking beautiful photos of the area. He aims to inspire readers and know the benefits of trekking and walking.
Inspiring Your Outdoor Adventures

Tink Adventures

The author’s love for outdoor adventures gave birth to this blog. Explore the beautiful outdoor online and be inspired. Learn how to navigate join challenge events such as long distance walks and team challenges. Read the most reliable information only from the expert.

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