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Expat Blogs Award 2019 30%


The site is an awesome resource for anyone who either wants to travel or wants to become an expat in a certain place. Not only are there plenty of deep dives into the experiences that can be expected, there are also point of views provided that can only be gained first-hand. This is why it’s always worth looking into the contents of this website, starting with examples like “What’s On In Zurich Mid to End of May 2019,” “Swiss Press Photo 19 & World Press Photo 19 Landesmuseum Zurich,” “Easy Circular Walk Near Kyburg Not Far From Zurich,” and “FOOD ZURICH 2019 Opening Party at Jelmoli.”
Expat Blogs Award 2019 23%

Diccon Bewes

Be sure to check out if you are interested in topics that can help you become a more informed traveler and eventually, a prepared expat. There is much that can be learned from the contents that are present on this site and they are worth the read if only to expand one’s horizon. Among the more valuable contents that can be found on this site include “Is Switzerland the best country in the world?,” “What can you buy for one franc in Switzerland?,” “Eight delicious facts about Swiss chocolate,” and “Seven reasons to miss Switzerland.”
Expat Blogs Award 2019 21%

The Expater

The Expater is an uplifting life manual for the modern day expat woman,
featuring travel, beauty, wellbeing, parenting and style. Having lived in
ten countries and now based in Santiago de Chile, its editor Nina Hobson
writes about everything from skincare advice to personal finance. With
practical tips from experts, including fellow expat bloggers, mental health
counsellors, relocation consultants and fashion designers, The Expater aims
to support expat women far and wide in their journey abroad.
Expat Blogs Award 2019 9%

My Expat World

When it comes to awesome expat contents, travel discussions, and general information as to what it would be like to visit or even live in another country, is your best bet for a fulfilling read. There are a ton of amazing articles that contain useful information available at this site and you are going to want to look through them all. So be sure to take them into consideration, including such gems as “Expat living in Germany (tips & information),” “Travel the world (tips & ideas),” and “Düsseldorf expats lifestyle (your guide to live like a local).” Read on.


Lindsey and her family stayed in Switzerland for a few years and started this blog to document their life and how it is to live abroad. And in 2014, they decided to go back to the United States to start anew. The website talks about their expat life, as well as motherhood and some tips about beauty and design.
Expat Blogs Award 2019 3%

My Life in Germany

Visit right now for some excellent contents about what it is like living in Germany and what you can expect if you are thinking of moving there. For expats, the personal experiences of those who already did what they are thinking of doing can be an invaluable source of information and inspiration. If you are going to live in Germany, you will definitely want to check this site’s contents. Among them are “Supermarkets in Germany: What to expect and how to save money on groceries,” Salary in Germany: Are you getting paid enough?,” and “My job interview in Germany: 6 tips to boost your chances of getting hired.”
Geneva 2%

Geneva Family

This website is dedicated for expat families living in the Geneva region. Geneva Family Diaries provides reliable details about the best child-friendly places such as restaurants around the region. Stories about the expat life and where to have fun and create memories is what this website is all about.
Expat Blogs Award 2019 2%

City Starlings

A visit to can be quite the valuable experience for anyone interested in bringing the matter of traveling or moving to another country to the next level. Information is always going to play a major role in determining what the outcome of a trip is going to be and it will especially be important when moving to an entirely different environment. This is why it is always important to read contents such as “Improve Your Health Today with Doctolib,” “Discover Tamil Cuisine From South India by The Magic Saucepan,” “6 Prettiest Flowering Plants for Spring by Lazy Flora,” and “Best Holiday Gift Guide: Local Munich & Bavarian Brands.”
Expat Blogs Award 2019 2%

The German Way & More

A visit to is one of the best ways for you to learn more about traveling to other places as well as when you are considering the prospect of actually living in another country. There are a ton of considerations that you will need to keep in mind and a visit to this website is a great start to achieving your goals. As such, you definitely want to pay attention to its contents, including “Having a Baby in Germany: Prenatal Care,” “The Identity Card (der Ausweis) and Other Red Tape,” “Moving to Germany: The Top 10 Things to Consider,” and “Public Transport in Germany.”
Jessica 1%


Jessica is an American living in Germany. is her personal blog wherein she writes about her adventures and the fun and joy that comes with it. Being an expat blogger, she shows a wider picture of Germany. It is definitely so much more that Germany has to offer.
Erin 0%


Read about Erin’s expat life in Germany. As a Canadian living abroad, there are many things to consider in order to easily adjust with the new culture and environment. This blog clearly talks about the expat life and shows us around southern Germany.
carnet 0%


Laurene loves to travel with her family and holds two blogs. As a blogger, she has received recognitions and was awarded as best travel blog in 2012. She shares with her readers her escapades and discoveries such as city tours and nature activities around Europe, Asia and America.
Ilze 0%


Ilze came to Germany to study and fell in love with the place ever since. From being a travel blogger, her focus shifted when she became a mom in 2014. Her blog now is focused on multilingual and multicultural parenting. Read about her and her family thru this blog.
Ava 0%


Ava created to share her life journey with lupus. She lived in Germany for quite some time until she was diagnosed with the disease. She then went back to the USA and began sharing her stories with everyone especially those who are going through the same situation. Her life with lupus is never easy but she remains to stay positive and the disease did not stop her from continuing her passion for travel.
Expatchild 0%


Relocating to a different country can be a real challenge especially if there this includes your children. This website provides the right information about dealing such life event. Get advice and tips about everything that you need to know about having an expat life with your family and be able to make adjustments easily.
Cheryl 0%


Cheryl’s website has been followed by thousands of readers. Her life as an expat in Berlin has been an inspiration to many. Her blog is her way of sharing her life in Berlin and her travel adventures. She inspires others to jump out of their comfort zones and travel around the world. She provides guides and tips about traveling around Europe and Berlin.


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